• Snare - Honest Abe Instrument Co 7x14 Steel

    Honest Abe Instrument Company

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    Honest Abe Instrument Co.


    1/4” Steel Shell with 45/Roundover Edges

    42-Strand Brass Wires

    Inde Throw Off

    Remo Ambassador Drumheads

    25 pounds of steel chime like high-end cast brass drums with this American-made heavy steel snare drum. The 7x14 features eight lugs per side, which help open up the sound of the drum and give you plenty of musical overtones. A modern-classic 45-degree inner/roundover outer edge profile balances the tone created by the shell and the drumhead, making this a chameleon in the studio and a workhorse on the stage. Odom Steel series snare drums feature a graduated snare bed design, so the 7x14 sports a lengthy, deep bed to accommodate the stock 42-strand brass snare wires. Get all the body you expect out of a deep snare with a healthy high-end snap. Handmade steel construction lugs stand up to heavy wear and tear. The Inde throw-off is another no-nonsense design to give you plenty of control over your wire tension too. The flat black finish looks great behind any kit, ensuring you look as good as you sound.


Snare - Honest Abe Instrument Co 7x14 Steel

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