• Percussion - MalletKat Pro (Software Version 4.0)


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    malletKat Pro Software Version 4.0

    The malletKAT is the world's most powerful MIDI percussion mallet controller using velocity-sensitive gum-rubber pads with true force-sensing resistor technology. This malletKAT PRO comes with 2 expanders, allowing for a range of 5 full octaves. The instrument is already equipped with 128 different sound banks, ranging from vibraphone and rhodes, to synth pads, upright bass, and more. The malletKAT can also be used with Reason or Abelton Live to turn on and manipulate loops in real time. Features of the 4.0 software upgrade include Loop/Latch Performance Mode, Pitchbend Sensitivity & Fine-Tuning Commands, Chain Mode, Melody Mode, Warp Mode, and many more.

    *Includes Manuals, Cables, and Hard Shell Case


Percussion - MalletKat Pro (Software Version 4.0)

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