• Hardware - INDe BR2 Suspension Tom Bracket


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    New from INDe Drum Labs, the BR2 is a minimal and classy way to endow your vintage (or modern) rack tom with the resonance it deserves, even when mounted to a normal tone-choking consolette or bass-mounted tom arm. Think of it as a RIMS mount that unpretentiously fits the timeless look of your classic outfit.

    Compatible with 9.5mm tom arms and larger for fitment on Ludwig and vintage Japanese tom brackets

    Hole spacing is adjustable between 1.5" and 2.25" center-to-center

    "Tuneable" design allows the clamp to be moved up and down the body of the bracket for more or less resonance.

    Chrome finish

    New in box, includes memory lock


Hardware - INDe BR2 Suspension Tom Bracket

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