• Drums - Trixon Telstar 14.16.20/4.5x14


  • $2,499.00

  • Description

    1960's Trixon "Telstar" Mod. 2000 outfit with conical shells

    14 over 13 rack tom, 16 over 14 floor tom, 20 over 16 bass drum, 4.5x14" snare.

    Pink glass glitter wrap with classic Trixon badges on all drums

    Complete original hardware package including Mod. TF3 kick pedal, Mod. 270 hi-hat stand, and Mod. 071 snare stand


    CONDITION NOTES: Drums are in excellent player's condition, 7/10 with hardware and shells in great shape for the age. This outfit features all original hoops, tension rods, claws, and both factory bass drum logo heads.

    • The original floor tom legs were not present with this outfit. Included with this kit will be two complete sets of floor tom brackets- 1) The original leg brackets will be included disassembled from the shell. 2) Attached to the drum are the innovative Inde Percussion BR2 brackets, lightly modified to fit Trixon's existing hole spacing with no drilling or alterations to the shell. Because of this swap, the Trixon floor tom can now be used with more reliable modern floor tom legs, which are included. The last 5 photos detail the before/after retro-fitting of the floor tom.

    • Tom arm, cymbal arm, hi-hat stand, snare stand, and kick pedal are original and in good player's condition with only light patina.

    • All lugs function and retain their original plastic gaskets. Wrap is tight to the shell on all drums with areas of noticeable cosmetic staining underneath, as is normal with glass glitter wraps of this era.

    • Snare drum mechanism is complete and functions, original Trixon snarewire is present and functions, though it is in poor condition.