• Drums - Rogers 13.16.22


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    Early 1960's Rogers "Celebrity" Mod. 1802 outfit

    9x13 rack, 16x16 floor, 14x22 kick with dual Swivo mounts (as seen in the '62 Buddy Rich Celebrity outfit)

    Steel Grey Ripple

    Bread & Butter Lugs (small B&B lugs present on 13" rack tom)

    • A notable and unique upgrade is the addition of custom-designed thumbscrews on all Swivo tom brackets using factory-correct threaded rods and Rogers bass drum T-handle heads. This simple mod allows the player to collapse and extend the legs without needing a drum key.

    • All drums feature visually clean and mechanically functional Bread & Butter lugs. Please note the 5th picture for the most visible example of the corner cracking that appears on around half of the lugs.

    • Both toms are equipped with original "Tall Boy" brass hoops. The bass drum has original hoops, but the inlay has been replaced with Rogers OEM silver glitter inlay.

    • Correct cast collets are featured on both the rack tom and bass spur brackets. Original spurs and floor tom legs are included.

    • Bass drum shell has a stereotypcial cigarette burn at 2 o'clock towards the back hoop. All chromework is a clean 8/10 with less than average pitting. Wrap is a similarly clean 7/10 with no signs of repair or abuse.

    Overall, this is a classic Cleveland Rogers kit representing that unique time period right before the Swivomatic era really kicked off. The B&B lugs light mass gives these shells the ability to sing, and the hardware is reliable enough to gig this kit as it sits without modification. Not a time capsule, just a workhorse that's ready to bring the deepest 60's tones to your stage or studio.


Drums - Rogers 13.16.22

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