• Drums - Ludwig "Imperial" 12.16.24


  • $2,500.00

  • Description

    The Ludwig "Imperial" Outfit

    It is with gratitude to our beloved community and respect for the rich history of the Drum, that Revival Drum Shop proudly presents the “Imperial” outfit, our fourth collaboration with the iconic Ludwig Drum Company.

    Patterned with inspiration from the Big Band era and with direct input from shop founder and Ludwig artist José Medeles’ personal outfit, the “Imperial" celebrates the classic resonant sounds of Ludwigs 5-ply Oak and Maple shells. The 12" & 16” toms are fitted with beautiful Charcoal Pearl inlaid Maple hoops to produce a full and warm tone. The 24” bass drum brings the vintage thunder to complete the sound of this aesthetically pleasing and sonically inspiring instrument.

    The “Imperial” joins our “Revette” and “Portlander” outfits and the “Auditorium" snare drum, to offer a full pallet of artistic tools to drummers of all genres.


    8x12, 16x16, 14x24 with Double Ended Imperial Lugs, and Charcoal Pearl inlaid Maple Hoops

    5 Ply Oak/Maple/Maple/Maple/Oak Shell with Round-Top Dual-Cut Edges and Black Satin Lacquer

    Classic Legs, Brackets, and Winged Spurs

    Monroe Badge

    Coated/Clear Remo Ambassador on Toms, Clear Powerstroke3 Batter and Smooth White Powerstroke3 Logo Resonant on Bass Drum

    Made in the U.S.A


    ***Photos taken by the historical and majestic Vista House, located just outside of Portland, OR. Built in 1918 and sits high above the Columbia River.***