• Cymbals - Byrne Cymbals 22" Patina Ride

    Byrne Cymbals

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    Brought to life in barn outside Chicago, Byrne cymbals are the ultimate ode to personal expression. Dark, mysterious, and completely off the beaten path, these unique B20 creations have elements of the traditional Turkish sound that so many drummers desire, but present a personalized twist that will inspire you to re-imagine what it means to play your cymbals.

    Each Byrne cymbal is hand hammered from a B20 bronze blank with an emphasis on individuality and a sound not commonly available from mainstream lines. The result are dark, moody, washy, and sometimes trashy tones that defy convention and add a very unique dimension to your existing cymbal collection.


    22" Patina Ride

    2232 grams



Cymbals - Byrne Cymbals 22" Patina Ride

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