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    The Stoic Drummer by José Medeles.

    The Stoic Drummer is a collection of axioms relating the philosophy of Stoicism to the practice of drumming, composed of crisp, universal quotes, mantras and meditations. Foreword by Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin & Wood), hardcover, 128 pages.

    From Jose, Revival Drum Shop owner and Stoic Drummer author: "[This book] combines my study of Stoicism and love of drumming. My aim is to keep contributing to our incredible drumming community. Truly grateful for the support from my family, my Revival family and everyone that worked on this to make it a reality. Much love and respect."


    "The Stoic Drummer is the most important kind of book there is because it exposes an entirely new audience of drummers to the concepts and ideas of Stoicism and Philosophy at large. This is the match that is capable of starting a roaring fire inside someone who may not have otherwise had the opportunity."
    - Dave Elitch
    “You don’t need a doctorate in philosophy to find value here; the bite-sized chunks of wisdom couldn’t be easier to absorb. That doesn’t mean this is “light” reading, though. Sometimes the simplest concepts are the toughest to apply to our own lives, so the benefits to readers are ultimately up to them.”
    – Modern Drummer
    “The Stoic Drummer is the perfect companion for any serious drummer who needs some assistance focusing on their craft during these difficult times. Its Zen-like layout alone helps concentrate the mind on the wise words within.”
    – ElevenPDX Magazine





Book - The Stoic Drummer (Paperback)

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