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    by José Medeles.

    "What life teaches us about drumming, drumming teaches us about life."

    Foreword written by the profound


     Cover and inside poetic imagery by 


    In “A DRUMMERS ETHOS”, I embrace our community by asking over fifty of my brilliant musician friends their perspectives on drumming. Throughout the book I reflect on some of my drumming heroes that I deem as "outsiders", researching volumes of books and philosophies -both ancient and modern- to gather quotes, mantras, and inspirational words Ala "THE STOIC DRUMMER". In an ode to my love of art books, this text is offered in a handsome A4 Hardback (9x11). Emblazoned in gold leaf upon the cover and peppered throughout its pages are poetic illustrations by one of my favorite artists, John Herndon. 

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Book - A Drummers Ethos

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