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    Revival Drum Sample Library: Volume 1

    From the archive of beat maker, author and Revival Drum Shop founder José Medeles (1939 Ensemble, The Breeders) comes one of the world’s most extensive curated collections of unique and vintage snare drum sounds. 

    Decades in the making, the library was recorded at Vancouver’s Bocce Recording, under the thoughtful guidance of producer Mark Powers and engineer John Morgan Askew, and encompasses 57 unique, classic, vintage, and antique snare drums, offering a sonic palette of 1,425 pre-blended samples for you to use individually or as round robins in your DAW. Also included are the original 7,125 samples captured from all mics involved in the process, giving you a grand total of 8,550 samples to use as you choose. Within this offering you will find not only 2s and 4s, but the rimshots, cross-sticks, ghost notes, and room dynamics to bring organic and authentic life to your drum mixes.

    Thoughts from the pros:

    "Wow, what a collection of sounds...I really like what you’ve done, particularly the ability to isolate the specific top and bottom mics, along with the overheads and stereo rooms. To me, this feels like not only a wonderful set of sounds, but a unique catalogue of the history of vintage drums. I really like how clean and ‘real’ they sound."
    – Joe Clegg (Drummer, Musical Director)

    "I'm blown away by how comprehensive the library is...different mic positions, blended, and the amount of cool vintage sounds in there is crazy. Think it will be super useful for programming I do to get some organic layers into super modern sounds."
    – Blair Sinta (Drummer, Session Musician)

    "The education and value in the Revival Drum Sample Library sets a new standard for drum sample packs. The pure and unprocessed sounds are perfect for drum replacement during mixing and inspiring for production."
    – Gus Berry (Producer, Mixer, Engineer)

    "I'm completely astounded by this collection of snare drum samples. Easily the most complete and thoughtful collection I've heard. The recordings are all immaculate - very honest and open - and there are enough options to fit them into any mix presentation. Besides being an incredible resource for enhancing (or starting) a production, it's an amazing reference library for understanding the differences between very classic and sought-after instruments."
    – Beau Sorenson (Producer, Engineer)

    "What I love about these samples is that they are not overly processed or hyped. They fit right in my mix with my processing very easily and naturally. Another thing is that you have every base covered: center hits, rim shots, side sticks, room mics and overheads, top and bottom mics. I think I'm covered! There are so many snares to choose from and I've only scratched the surface."
    – Thom Flowers (Producer, Composer)

Accessories - Revival Drum Sample Library: Volume 1

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