Looking for the classic look and singular tone of a vintage kit in the studio or on stage? Revival is proud to offer recording or gigging artists a wide compliment of vintage and custom outfits for daily rental. Each of our rental kits has been rebuilt with gigging reliability in mind.

Give us a call at (503) 719-6533 or email with any questions or to schedule your rental.


Vintage Rental Fleet ($50/Day):



18" Gretsch Round Badge
1960's 6-Ply Maple Shells • 8x12.14x14.14x20 or 14x18 • Midnight Blue Pearl

NOTES: A real-deal 1960's Round Badge outfit, this kit has been re-wrapped in Midnight Blue Pearl for a clean on-stage look to match That Great Gretsch Sound. Bass drum and floor tom retain their original vintage leg brackets which work well, the snare drum retains its original 4-point throwoff which has been tuned for reliable action. Available with your choice of an 18" or a 20" bass drum, both visually identical with inlaid black steel hoops for reliability. Our optional hardware trunk ($25/day) includes an additional snare drum stand to facilitate the rack tom. 


20" Slingerland Artist
1980's 6-Ply thin Maple "Magnum" Shell • 8x12.14x14.14x20 • Black Diamond Pearl Wrap • Modified with Modern Spurs, Floor Tom brackets, and Tom bracket

NOTES: This is a fantastic kit for all-around live performance rentals. Its modern mounting hardware makes this kit a breeze to setup, especially in situations where quick assembly and disassembly are needed. Its jazz sizes make this a great kit to tune high for lighter music, while the thin maple shells are resonant enough for louder pop music. This is the only kit in our backline fleet that mounts the rack tom directly to the kick drum.


22" Ludwig Super Classic
1960's 3-ply Maple/Poplar/Mahogany Shell • 9x13.16x16.14x22 • Sky Blue Pearl

NOTES: The famed Ludwig Super Classic is a staple of rock n' roll and will perfectly fill the needs for a fat, deep, vintage drum rig at your next show. These 3-ply shells wear their original wrap and are all original except for modern bass drum claws for tuning reliability. Our optional hardware trunk ($25/day) includes an additional snare drum stand to facilitate the rack tom.


24" Ludwig Pro-Beat
1970's 6-Ply Maple Shells • 10x14.16x18 or 14x24 • White Marine Pearl

NOTES: Perfect for your hard-hitting backline needs, this massive sounding 70's hard rock outfit packs a punch with 6-ply maple shells and oversized drums all around. Heavy duty Ludwig curved spurs keep the bass drum locked down, and all original hardware as well as WMP wrap gives this kit a classy look while you shred. Drummers can oft for our optional heavy duty hardware trunk ($25/day) which will add double braced stands, an Iron Cobra single kick pedal , and a heavy duty snare stand for the rack tom to this rig.


Modern C&C Custom Outfits ($50/Day):

These shell packs can be mixed and matched based on the sizes you need, availability depending. Note: Our C&C kits are offered first and foremost to C&C touring artists. Please call to inquire.


C&C Kit #1 (Be-Bop) • 8x12.14x14.12x20 • Brown/Peanut Butter Swirl

NOTES: This compact outfit features a shallow bass drum for punch and a top-mounted tom consolette for ease of setup. A mixture of custom Player Date luan and ample plies, this outfit has a punchy sound with just enough vintage boom to be versatile in many low/mid volume live and studio settings.


C&C Kit #2 (Big Beat) • 8x13.15x16.14x22 • Brown/Peanut Butter Swirl

NOTES: An alternative to the above listed outfit, this rig takes the volume and the drum dimensions up a notch to facilitate more aggressive live performances. Made from the same unique mixture of plies as the smaller shells above, this outfit is equipped with heavier duty spurs and fitments for a single tom mount.



Snare Drums ($25/Day):

Ludwig 5x14 Acrolite, Modern Reissue
Ludwig 6.5x14 Acrolite, Modern Reissue
Ludwig 5x14 Supraphonic, 1960's Keystone Badge
Ludwig 6.5x14 Supraphonic, 1970's B/O Badge
C&C 6.5x14 Custom Maple, Modern 6 lug w/ Trick throwoff


NOTES: All snare drums are provided with coated batters over standard Hazy snare heads and 20 strand wires.



Hardware Pack ($25/Day):

Pack Includes: 1x Boom Cymbal Stand, 2x Straight Cymbal Stand, 2x Snare Stand, 1x Hi Hat Stand, 1x Throne, 1x Kick Pedal. Standard tripod and flat-base packages are available, please inquire.


Cymbal Pack ($25/Day):

Istanbul Xist Hand-Hammered cymbal pack includes: 14" Hi-Hats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride and Hardshell Case


Additional Services:

Delivery/Pick Up ($25 Each Way) Available between 11am and 6pm within the Portland/Vancouver metro area. After-hours needs will be determined on a case by case basis. An additional $25 fee for pickup before or after shop hours will be assessed with a third $25 Late Night Pickup fee if pickup takes place after 10PM.


On-site drum Technician Service ($50/hr) Professional Revival technicians will come to you and prepare/tune/tech any of the above listed kits. Service available within the Portland/Vancouver metro area. New drum heads, sticks, and parts can be delivered and installed at their in-store retail cost. Large festivals, jobs outside the listed service area, or jobs which require special or paid parking will assess additional fees. Please call to discuss.




• All instruments rented by Revival Drum Shop are paid-for using a daily rate. ONE DAY = 24 HOURS TIME. If you have additional needs or need to discuss our daily rate, please give us a call. Long-term rental fees (for a lengthy recording session or tour) may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Each package of equipment rented will include a retail value. Renter is liable for the value of all rented gear in the event of damage, loss, or any situation which does not return rented gear to Revival Drum Shop in as-rented condition.  MUST PLACE A VALID US ID/PASSPORT AND CREDIT CARD ON FILE TO RENT ANY GEAR.

Gear is rented to a specific artist/artists for a specific stage/event. Revival Drum shop rental instruments may not be toured, acquired/used by other bands, moved to additional venues, or used as festival back lines without prior consent of Revival Drum Shop. Rented packages may not be separated or modified (other than routine maintenance, heads, etc).

Failure to follow these directives may result in additional rental fees for each additional drummer or venue at which Revival Drum Shop rented instruments are used. Renter's listed credit card will be liable for said charges.


Call 503.719.6533 or email with any questions or to schedule your rental.