• Snare - Honest Abe Instrument Co 4x14 Steel

    Honest Abe Instrument Company

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    Honest Abe Instrument Co

    4x14 Power Piccolo 

    1/4” Steel Shell with 45/Roundover Edges

    16-Strand Brass Wires

    DW Mini Mag Throw Off

    Sporting a four inch depth and eight lug-per-side offset tensioning. A thick quarter inch, 6.35 mm American steel shell sings like bell brass without the hefty cast shell price. Each bearing edge is finished with a vintage-modern 45-degree inner cut and a roundover outer cut to balance the tone produced by the shell and the drumhead. Honest Abe’s Odom Steel snares have graduated snare beds, so the 4x14 has shorter, narrower beds to accommodate 16-strand brass snare wires. This gives you a perfect balance of snap and body. Steel lugs are no-nonsense and stand up to tough nights on the gig. The DW Mini Mag throw off provides best-in-class function for shallow drums, ensuring lightning quick timbral changes. With a classic black finish, this snare looks as good as it sounds.



Snare - Honest Abe Instrument Co 4x14 Steel

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