• Makaya McCraven Masterclass at Revival!

    Revival Drum Shop, Istanbul Agop, and Ludwig Presents:

    Makaya McCraven Masterclass

    Where: Revival Drum Shop, 902 SE Sherman St, Portland, OR 97214
    When: Friday, August 23rd, 2pm-3pm.

    Cost: $15 (Buy Ticket Here)

    Helping to guide the artform of jazz into the future, Makaya McCraven has blended the many sounds and expressions of classic jazz stylings with toe-tapping beats and rich electronic textures for a wholly unique sound that attracts listeners across genres. Since his breakthrough album “In The Moment”, McCraven has been a staple of the Chicago jazz scene, hitting the road in collaboration with other artists of the new generation and performing to critical acclaim on both jazz and pop stages across North America. Makaya McCraven’s sound bravely embraces the the “always onward” approach of the jazz artform that has made it the most enduring and inspiring of American musical gifts.

    Please email, or call 503.719.6533 for any questions.

    *Pictures without flash are allowed, no video please.

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