• Ludwig "Revette" 12.14.18 Outfit

    The Ludwig "Revette" Special Edition Outfit

    We're excited to announce a drum kit collaboration. Based on the classic Ludwig "Jazzette", the "Revette" outfit respects the cherished lineage of the be-bop drum kit while celebrating it's rising popularity on the modern stage. And of course, we couldn't be more honoured to partner with the mighty Ludwig Drum Co. to fulfill this dream.


    8x12,14x14,12x18 with Classic lugs, 2.3mm hoops, and classic silver sparkle inlaid bass drum hoops

    5 Ply Oak/Maple/Maple/Maple/Oak shell with rounded edges and black satin lacquer finish

    Script logo 9.5mm floor tom leg brackets, 60's era gull wing bass drum spurs

    Monroe Keystone Badge

    Coated/Clear Remo Ambassador combo on toms, Clear PSIII batter, Smooth White PSIII Ludwig logo resonant on bass drum

    Made in the U.S.A

    Click here for more pics, or to purchase.

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