• Gretsch Cadillac Green Birdland Kit

    This one owner Gretsch Cadillac Green *Birdland Kit, 9x13.16x16.14x22 with matching 5.5x14 snare is one of the rarest kits Revival has ever acquired. All indications lead us to believe this an early production one also ('54-'56). The gold plating has a moderate amount of patina, but is still beautiful and natural. These drums came with the original calf skin heads on the 13" and 16" toms. According to online sources, only 12 of these rare outfits are known to exist.
    Specs: 3 ply shells with natural maple interior. Original mufflers top and bottom on toms, Pratt muffler on bass drum. All lugs and parts are original and intact except for replacement vintage bass drum spurs, 3 tension rods on the floor tom, Evans resonant heads on toms (original calf heads on top), and Aquarian bass drum heads.
    These drums are an important part of the history of modern jazz music and we are honored to be their custodians.
    *According to The Gretsch Book, by Rob Cook "The actual Birdland kit that Grestch provided to the Birdland club was a 22, 13, 16, 5.5x14"
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