• '70s Rogers 6.5x14 Wood Dynasonic

    Revival Drum Shop is honoured to offer collectors and enthusiasts the rare opportunity to acquire a nearly one-of-a-kind original Rogers Wooden Dynasonic.
    This fantastic piece, from the private collection of Dan Chinn, is a 6.5x14" wooden Dynasonic snare with gloss maple interior and Koa Cortex wrap. A drum of this style would have to have been special ordered from Rogers during the early to mid 1970's, it carries a serial number of 21793 on a badge that is original to the instrument. Outfitted with original lugs, throwoff, Dynasonic frame, muffler, hoops, and tension rods, this well-sorted piece is the ultimate addition to any collection of rare Dynasonics.
    Acquired from a carefully curated private collection, this drum bears no signs of abuse and only light signs of use and age. All mechanicals are neatly sorted, with tension rods working, muffler cleanly winding on and off, and throw actuating smoothly. Cosmetically, this drum bears only minute scuffing to chromework, one small noticeable scuff to the badge, and less-than-perfect drilling of the top hoop's tension rod holes. One lug insert appears to be unoriginal.
    Overall, this amazingly rare and special instrument has a sound we've never heard from the various 5x14" Dynas that have crossed out path over the years. It's amazing and deep tone, quality of construction, and excellent condition make this a very special opportunity for the person seeking a new and unique sound for their ensemble of Rogers curios.
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